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PH30 PH120 FR20 Fire Alarm

Fire Resistant PH series.

PH30 (30 minutes survival time) and PH120 (120 minutes survival time) Fire Resistant cable is mainly used for installation of fire alarm, fire suppresion and emergency evacuation systems where long term circuit integrity is required under fire conditions to prevent loss of life and property damage.

This should not be confused with FR20 which has a construction starting at a conductor size of 1/0.80mm solid, and is insulated and sheathed with normal fire retardant PVC which is not halogen free. FR20 will self extinguish should the heat source be removed but is not fire resistant and circuit integrity will fail under fire unlike the PH series which is designed to keep signal integrity under fire for 30 and 120 minutes respectively.

We strongly urge installers to install the PH series instead of FR20 wherever possible.

East Rand Cable Supplier.